So you’ve decided to redecorate your home or office. You know you want modern furniture, you know the types of pieces you want, and you know the atmosphere you want to create. But how do you go about choosing colours for your furniture and your space?


You don’t want your space to be too busy and loud, but you don’t want your space to be too neutral either. You need things to match and be uniform without seeming artificial. Striking a balance and choosing the right colours for modern furniture can be difficult, but with Idus Furniture, you can find options that work for your space.


Idus Furniture modern furniture is available in a variety of colours and materials to fit with any colour scheme and decor you choose. We provide a variety of modern furniture options to help you find the right colours for your home or office.

Tips for Choosing Modern Furniture Colours

Add Some Black
Adding a little bit of black in each room is a good way to make other colours pop and create a contrast. It creates a high impact look that can bring out the brightness of other colours. Black tables are a good way to achieve this. With coloured chairs, coloured accessories, and coloured wall hangings, a black coffee table or black desks can easily stand out.

The Alfa Nesting table is a sleek addition to any home or lobby that will help other colour choices pop. In an office, the York Desk in Wenge Oak is classy, luxurious, and suitable for a variety of spaces, whether cubicle work, separate offices, or open concept.


Go Neutral 
When in doubt, go neutral for your modern furniture. Having a piece of wall art or one piece of furniture to use as a statement piece allows you to use neutral colours for your other furniture. Grey, beiege, white, cream – choosing furniture pieces in any of these tones can create a calming and relaxed environment.

SohoConcept offers a variety of modern furniture in neutral tones to fit in your colour scheme. The Istanbul Sofa in Cream Tweed is great for lobbies, break rooms, and homes. The Tulip Arm Office Chair is available in both black and white. All of our chairs come in neutral tones to ensure they match your decor.

Consistency is Key 
While each room in an office and home can have a different decor or theme, it’s important to maintain a similar colour palette throughout a space. Don’t put pastels in one room and primary colours in the next. Having a cohesive colour palette is important for consistency, especially for visitors and guests to your space.

Sofa as a Statement
Sofas are commonly used as statement pieces, whether in a living room, rec room, lunch room, or office lobby. A neutral colour palette – cream walls, light flooring, silver accessories – with a bright red sofa, or purple loveseat, or green occasional chairs is a great way to create a unique style.

sohoConcept’s contemporary sofas come in a variety of colours, including purple, blue, and green, to be your statement piece. This is a common decorating method for offices and living rooms.

Use a Professional
If you’re overwhelmed by the options and not sure how to find the right colours for your furniture, contact a professional. If you’re hesitant about working with an interior designer, the representatives at Idus Furniture can help give you ideas and options for decorating your home or office.




Wool furniture is one of the best looking and hard-wearing materials for long term use. Choosing wool as your upholstery material for modern furniture comes with a lot of benefits – it is breathable, it repels moisture, it is resistant to mildew and mold, and it is wrinkle-resistant. Many people choose wool for their modern furniture because of these properties.


Choosing wool upholstery for furniture is a great choice no matter your lifestyle. Just like any furniture material, however, it’s important to keep it clean. At sohoConcept, we have some tips and suggestions for caring for wool furniture to keep it looking great, no matter its age!

Tips For Caring For Wool Furniture

When you first purchase wool furniture, it’s important to remember that like any other wool garment, it may have extra fibres in it that will come out naturally. This is nothing to worry about and will slow down once you’ve used your piece of furniture for a short time. Vacuuming or using a soft fabric brush can help remove these extra fibres more quickly.


For regular maintenance for your wool upholstery on furniture, it’s important to vacuum it regularly. Use an upholstery attachment to gently vacuum your cushions, pillows, and structure of the furniture regularly. The build-up of dust and dirt, while microscopic, can lead to damage to the wool over time. Never use a vacuum rotary brush to clean your wool furniture, as this will damage the fabric.


If you have a small, dry spill on your couch, like crumbs or dirt, you can use a soft brush to sweep them up, followed by vacuuming to pick up whatever small pieces were left behind.

If you get a wet stain on your wool furniture, the damage doesn’t have to be permanent! Be prepared to clean up any spills as soon as they happen, as once they dry, they can be more difficult to get out. Depending on the furniture, you may be able to use some light solvent and water to clean up the spill. Otherwise, often a mild soap and water are sufficient. Use a microfiber cloth to rub the stain in circular motions towards the centre of the stain. Let it air dry. In the case of larger spills or spills that have been left to dry and you can’t get out, it might be a good idea to bring in a reputable and professional furniture cleaner!

Always make sure you check the labels of your furniture and any care instructions that accompany it to make sure you’re using the right products and methods for your wool upholstery. Some upholstery can even be removed and washed in the washing machine! Make sure you know all your options when you purchase your modern wool furniture.


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If you’re looking for modern furniture for your home or office, Idus Furniture can help. We offer a variety of modern furniture in different textures, materials, and colours to suit homes and offices, no matter your colour scheme and decor.


Idus is an unparalleled resource for residential furniture with an unwavering belief in the power and utility of modern design. We define the way a home looks as well as the way it feels, turning rooms of high visibility into places of comfort and distinction. Idus Furniture provides Fully Furnished Packages of Furniture & Electronic for 1, 2&3 BHK Flat’s at 3.90 Lacks Onward.


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