Idus Furniture is often seen as the mark of a traditional decor. Thick mahogany dining tables, ornate wooden chairs, and large, dark storage pieces are often what many people think of when they think of wood furniture.

you can bring your business or home into the 21st century while still maintaining the vintage or traditional aesthetic if this is something you enjoy. Wood arm chairs, tables, and dining chairs can help modernize your decor without completely changing the aesthetic of your home or business. For a simple upgrade in your decor and design, modern wood furniture is the way to go!

Bold Furniture

Idus Furniture is traditionally lighter than the heavy oaks and mahoganies of traditional furniture. However, just because it’s modern doesn’t mean it can’t be bold! Large storage pieces, such as the Malta Sideboard, can make a statement and be the focal point of a room while still being sleek and modern. The Malta Sideboard is the modern reimagining of a traditional wooden sideboard – you get a similar wood colour with the same bold statement, without the heavy outdated furniture.

Circular Wood Tables

Coffee tables and dining tables are made out of a variety of materials. Glass, marble, and even metal tables are often used in modern design. However, traditional circular wood tables can work in the most modern of homes as coffee tables, side tables, and dining tables.


A circular dining table, such as the Star Dining Table with its ash colour, can be a perfect match for a modern kitchen or modern dining room. The light shade allows it to match with a variety of decors and keeps the atmosphere light and bright. A modern wood coffee table is also versatile in any type of wood. The Island Coffee Table with its strong metal base mixes elements of modern and traditional, making it a great modern wood table for a neutral or transitional space.

Natural Elements

Incorporating wood furniture into a modern design is easy to do when you use other natural elements in your design. Allowing natural light to permeate a room with large windows or mirrors works well with wood arm chairs and wood tables in a modern room. Using other wood or wicker decor, like vases and wall hangings can tie the design together and create a cohesive feel for your room.

Putting plants in a room where you have modern wood furniture can also help create a relaxing and natural atmosphere. Potted natural plants are a great addition to any space that has modern wood furniture.

Wood Dining Chairs

Wood dining chairs are another furniture piece that people often associate with a traditional space. However, wood chairs are a common aspect of a modern kitchens and dining rooms everywhere. With unique shapes, such as smooth, rounded backs or minimalist designs, modern wood dining chairs can fit into any home or restaurant without making it look traditional. Modern wood chairs have lower backs than traditional high-backed chairs, are lighter in design, and are upholstered with a variety of bright colours.

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Idus is an unparalleled resource for residential furniture with an unwavering belief in the power and utility of modern design. We define the way a home looks as well as the way it feels, turning rooms of high visibility into places of comfort and distinction. Idus Furniture provides Fully Furnished Packages of Furniture & Electronic for 1, 2&3 BHK Flat’s at 3.90 Lacks Onward.

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