About us

IDUS furniture is an unparalleled resource for residential furniture with an unwavering belief in the power and utility of modern design. We define the way a home looks as well as the way it feels, turning rooms of high visibility into places of comfort and distinction.

The IDUS philosophy is simple. Our idea is not to impose but to inspire you with the freedom to make your own choices, unhindered by trends and societal norms.

IDUS provides an ambiance that is at once approachable and full of character and that refocuses the concept of fine living on the true meanings of comfort. Located in the heart of the city, IDUS presents a thrilling experience, taste as well as service and unparalleled products. Built in 40,000 sq ft with more than 100 display areas, over 2000 designer products, IDUS offers you unlimited choices in home décor. With friendly and easily accessible staff your trip to the store is guaranteed for a matchless experience.

We believe in designs that embody sophistication, beauty and intellect. This belief translates into our products that capture the essence of global design and contemporary lifestyles. We travel world over to procure signature design pieces that are classics in the true sense of word & curate them at our store for the choice of our discerning customers. Our goal is to achieve excellence through customer delight and by thoroughly enjoying what we do every day.


The IDUS Showroom offers you an unparalleled spectrum of choices, across home, office, seating, flooring and accessory solutions. It is a one stop solution for all kinds of space requirement whether home or office.


The choice of the best brands from the world over is complemented by our ability to import large quantities vis a vis catering to small orders with the same commitment to suit the needs of even the most demanding client.


To help you make choice, our sprawling showroom has been organized into different specially designed concept areas, to give you a feel of what the space could look like.


With a well managed inventory, everything on display can be made available the minute you make a selection, with no more pre-booking hassles and waiting for the item to be delivered. We take care of delivering and installing at your site on time and properly.


Our well trained and highly efficient after sales service team is always available to support you.